Association of Radio Jazz Research

§ 1 Name, registered office and fiscal year

1) The association is named “AG Radio Jazz Research e.V.”

2) He is based in Cologne and is registered in the association register.

3) The fiscal year is the calendar year.

§ 2 Association purpose

1) The purpose of the association is to enable and promote the exchange of information and opinions between the members of the “AG Radio Jazz Research e.V.” and to act as an information agent in the public sphere. The aim of the work is to preserve, promote and spread the importance of jazzmusics in Germany and to do publicity work for the jazz genre in Germany. The purpose of the Association is, inter alia, but not exclusively fulfilled by the following tasks and activities:

To organize regular meetings of jazz journalists, researchers, club and festival makers,
Musicological and music-sociological studies and analyzes of the German jazz scene, among others. In their relationship to broadcasting,
To publish, document and archive the results of such investigations and analyzes,
Lobbying on politics and business,
A musician database on the Internet,
A regular e-mail newsletter on jazz in Germany,
Promoting young talent in the field of jazz,
Noncommercial concerts and festivals in the field of jazz,
A national and international network,
A platform for the public to form.
2) The association “AG Radio Jazz Research e.V.” cooperates with the politics and economy, the press and the public to fulfill its objectives.

3) The association contributes to the cultivation of music in Germany.

4) If necessary, the association shall cooperate with other associations and institutions to pursue its objectives.

5) The purpose of the association is non-profit and not directed towards the achievement of profit.

§ 3 Membership

1) Active members can become all legal and natural persons who support the aims and tasks of the association as specified in § 2.

2) The membership is acquired through a written declaration of accession. The Board of Management decides on the acceptance of the declaration of acces- sion. The results of the decision will be communicated to the applicant in writing.

3) Each legal member shall appoint a member of the Management Board or the Management Committee who represents them in the Association. If the club member is prevented from attending meetings, he may appoint a representative. Each member is represented with one vote.

4) The membership ends by: withdrawal, exclusion, death or dissolution of the legal person.

5) The termination of membership is only possible at the end of the financial year.

6) The declaration of withdrawal must have been sent to the board three months before with a letter.

7) A member may be excluded by decision of the board if the member damages the interests of the association or other important reasons. The application for the exclusion of a member may be directed by any other member to the board of directors.

8) A deceased or expelled member is not entitled to the assets of the association.

9) Passive members can be natural and legal persons of private or public law who wish to support the association. They may participate in the meetings of the General Meeting, but have no voting rights.

§ 4 Rights and obligations of members

1) Membership is entitled to participate in the Annual General Meeting and to exercise the rights of the General Meeting.

2) Membership fees are annual contributions and are due in advance on 1 January of each year.

3) The amount of contributions depends on the contribution to be adopted by the General Assembly.

4) The members are obligated to support the abovementioned purposes to the best of their ability. Agreements and contracts concluded by the Association in fulfillment of its purposes shall be complied with.

§ 5 Organs

The organs of the association are:

The Board,
The Annual General Meeting.
§ 6 Annual General Meeting

1) The General Meeting shall have the following tasks:

Election of the Management Board members,
Acceptance of the financial statements and the annual report of the Management Board and its discharge,
Redefinition of the contribution scale,
Resolution on amendments to the Articles of Incorporation and all other matters assigned to it by the Articles of Incorporation,
Resolution on the dissolution of the association,
Resolution on a business rules.
2) The members of the association shall only be liable for the legal capacity of the board of directors in the name of the association.

§ 7 Convening of the Annual General Meeting

1) The Annual General Meeting shall take place at least once a year and shall be convened by the Executive Board if possible in the first quarter of the calendar year. The members are to be invited in writing with the announcement of the agenda at least four weeks before the date of convening the meeting.

2) The Executive Board may convoke an extraordinary General Meeting. He must do so if a quarter of the members make such a request in writing.

§ 8 Resolution

1) The chairman of the Annual General Meeting will preside, in his / her absence, a member of the Board who is at the same time a meeting chairman. In addition, a member of the Association is elected by the General Meeting to be the Secretary.

2) All resolutions of the General Meeting shall be taken by a simple majority of the active members present, unless otherwise specified in a paragraph of this Statute.

3) A minutes shall be drawn up about the General Assembly which shall contain all resolutions in the wording containing the results of the voting. The minutes must be signed by the meeting chairperson and the secretary.

4) All resolutions are also possible in written proceedings outside the General Meeting. The chairman shall decide on the conduct of a written vote.

§ 9 Management Board

1) The board of the association consists of the first chairman, the second chairman and the treasurer. The association is represented in court and out of court by two board members. The members of the Management Board are assigned fixed areas of work, which are laid down in a separate paper.

2) The Management Board shall be elected by the General Meeting for a period of two years. He remains in office until a new election takes place. If a member of the Management Board leaves during the term of office, the next General Meeting elects the replacement.

§ 10 Resolution of the Management Board

1) The Executive Board is quorate if at least three members are present.

2) The Management Board shall keep its resolutions in a note signed by two members of the Management Board. There is no subsequent right of objection.

3) A telephone or written decision is possible.

§ 11 Representation of the Association

1) The Management Board within the meaning of § 26 BGB is the chairman and another member of the Management Board.

2) Declarations by which the association is to be legally obligated require the written form.

§ 12 Association funds

1) The activity of the association is not directed at the achievement of profit. The association obtains the funds needed to achieve its purpose through contributions from its members, donations and other donations.

2) The work of the board is voluntary.

3) The association is selflessly active; It does not pursue primarily economic purposes. Means of the association may only be used for the purposes of the statutes. The association is not allowed to favor persons by means of expenses which are foreign to the purpose of the association or by disproportionately high remuneration.

4) The members do not receive any donations from the association’s funds. Members may only receive compensation for expenses and / or fees from the Association’s resources only if they receive work beyond normal membership and normal activities. The fees are negotiated with the Management Board and may not exceed the normal limits.

§ 13 Advisory Board, Management

1) If necessary, the association establishes an advisory board, which advises the institutions of the association on a professional basis and is involved in the content of the tasks.

2) Members of the Advisory Board shall be appointed by the Executive Board. He can recall them at any time.

3) The business can be managed by a managing director. The latter may be employed by the Executive Board. The rights and duties of management are then fixed in a separate agenda.

§ 14 Amendments to the Articles

Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation are only possible with a resolution of the Annual General Meeting by at least a 3/4 majority. It must be entered into the association register for its effectiveness


Membership Fees

According to the statutes, the “AG Radio Jazz Research e.V.” has the following contribution:

§ 1 contributions

1) Each member is obliged to pay a contribution to the “AG Radio Jazz Research e.V.”.
2) The annual contributions differ according to the following criteria:
Active membership

Natural persons: 15 euros
Legal persons: 25 Euro
Students, students, trainees and the unemployed: 5 euros
Passive membership: 10 euros
3) For minors, the legal representative must declare his joint liability for the contributions.

§ 2 Contributions

1) In the first six weeks of each financial year, the “AG Radio Jazz Research e.V.” shall send the contribution statement for the entire financial year to each member. The shipping will be sent to the postal address most recently notified to the “AG Radio Jazz Research e.V.”. The shipping can be done via fax or e-mail.
2) Membership fees are annual contributions. They are due in advance with receipt of the invoice. The fee has to be paid no later than two weeks after receipt of the invoice. In the event of premature termination of membership, no contributions will be reimbursed. At the beginning of the membership of the association on July 1 of a year, half the contribution rate is due for the current financial year.
3) Members whose contributions have not been received in due time in accordance with section 2, paragraph 2, shall receive a reminder with a deadline and a standard reminder fee.
4) The board of the “Radio Jazz Research e.V.” can exclude a member according to § 3, paragraph 7 of the Articles of Association, should it not pay despite written reminder.

§ 3 Assessment

The members’ meeting may, by a simple majority, elect a levy by the members if an extraordinary need requires such a requirement.

§ 4 Resolution

These regulations will enter into force on the day of their decision by the General Meeting of the “AG Radio Jazz Research e.V.”.