1. RJR-Zoom-Konferenz, 8. Januar 2021; 15.00 Uhr

Zoom-Meeting 01
„Jazz in Europe – Are we still fit for purpose?”

Topic: Radio Jazz Research 08/01/21

Time: Jan 8, 2021 03:00 PM Vienna

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Following the cancellation of our Radio Jazz Research conference planned for the international jazz festival in Münster in January 2021, the theme “Jazz in Europe” will be that of our meeting in Diersbach at the end of July coinciding with the INNTöne 2021 Festival in Upper Austria. The topics that would have been discussed there will be anticipated through a series of Zoom discussions.  Through these, we hope to give an awareness of the actual situation for jazz in Europe.

The distribution of the vaccine throughout Europe gives increasing hope, but a look at the European jazz scene gives a brutally clear perception of the cultural impact of the pandemic until now. The once-flourishing jazz scene has been given relatively little support in comparison to other social currents. “Are we, in the cultural context, still fit for purpose?” is a question posed not only by the German Jazz Union.

These and other questions will be discussed by:
Lena Jeckel, Kulturamt Stadt Gütersloh (D)
Urs Johnen, Geschäftsführer Deutsche Jazzunion (D)
Michael Rüsenberg, Journalist (D)
Oliver Weindling, Jazzclub Vortex (GB)
Paul Zauner, Musiker und Leiter der INNTöne (A)
Carine Zuber, Geschäftsführerin Jazzclub Moods (C